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Mala Beads

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Karma - the law of cause and effect.

Posted on April 28, 2015 by Melanie Cordony

Malas, mantra and our karma are actually all interconnected. In our blog next week we will share some interesting insights from Thomas Ashley-Farrands " Healing Mantras" and how the practice of mantra is related to our karma, but before we get to that, a little bit about karma.

Karma can be explained as the sum total of all our thoughts, actions, dreams and desires that follow us from life to life through time and space. Or simply – the law of cause and effect, that what we send out into the universe will come back to us in some form. This process can often encompass more than one lifetime.

In Vedic teachings there are 4 kinds of karma:

1.Sanchita Karma – this is the sum of accumulated past actions in all our previous lifetimes. This karma sets the stage for the present lifetime as well as others yet to follow.

  1. Prarabdha karma – this is the portion of the above karma, Sanchita Karma that is a result of past actions in previous lifetimes that has shown up in this lifetime. This is the karma that concerns us most from day to day. While we can’t alter events of previous lifetimes that have created this karma we can with the practice of mantra alter our inner conditions both physically and emotionally and therefore change the effect this kind of karma has on us.
  2. Agami karma – this karma is a result of actions in this present lifetime that will affect future lifetimes. Simply put – sowing the seeds that will later be reaped.
  3. Kriyamana Karma - this karma results immediately from our present actions. Think of this as instant karma!

Karma is actually carried with us like baggage, stored in various parts of the body. For example Sanchita Karma – the past actions from previous lifetimes is stored within our soul. At birth a portion of that karma is released into our physical body the rest remains stored and will not come into play in this particular lifetime. This karma will also affect our birth, presenting us with a predisposition and an environment that will influence our habits, prejudices and the development of talents and abilities we will use in this lifetime to work off a given portion of our karma. As we go through life, people we meet or circumstances we encounter will trigger bits of karma. When these situations arise we are presented with an opportunity to “work off” a particular portion of our karma.

We are able to both accumulate and also “work off” karma. We can draw both positive and negative karma to ourselves and while obviously good karma is preferred over bad karma the ultimate goal is to actually have no karma. It is at this point we are released from the karmic cycle of life and death and we transcend this earthly plane. Good karma just like bad karma actually attaches us to this earthly plane.

Check our blog next week for more info on how the practice of mantra and using your mala is connected to your karma. 


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Conscious Consumers

Posted on March 18, 2015 by Melanie Cordony

Being a conscious or mindful consumer is something a lot of us are striving for these days. Shopping locally, buying organic, recycling, re-using  etc etc

At Gypsy Love we are very focused on being mindful consumers. One of the reasons we are committed to sharing our beautiful malas with you all is not only are these sacred pieces incredibly beautiful and designed to bring a calmer mind, body and spirit to all who wear them but they are also carefully produced in a mindful and conscious manner.

They are hand made with love by the team at Aum Rudraksha Designs in Bali. They are sustainably harvested, in plantations throughout South East Asia with 15% of profits distributed between the staff and farmers of the rudraksha trees. 

They are fairly traded, the team at Aum Rudraksha Designs all receives fair trade wages and a share in worldwide profits.

10% of profits are also donated to local Balinese charities such as Bali Street Kids – www.balistreetkids.org and Bumi Sehat a birthing and wellness centre for mothers, children and their families. The centre is run by Robin Lim who was the 2011 CNN Hero of the Year – www.bumisehatbali.org as well as several other local charities.

We truly hope when you wear your mala you feel the love and know that you are sharing that love around the world with everyone involved in bringing these beautiful pieces to you. 

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NEW ARRIVAL! - Speak Your Truth Mala

Posted on February 10, 2015 by Melanie Cordony

Our Speak your Truth Mala is an incredible combination of Lapis Lazuli, Leopard skin, amber and citrine.

Lapis is often called the truth crystal... it ensures the words you speak are in alignment with your personal truth. This stone resonates with the vibration of truth and enlightenment.

Lapis Lazuli has always been one of the most sought after stones in history. Its deep, celestial blue remains the symbol of royalty and honor, gods and power, spirit and vision. It is a universal symbol of wisdom and truth, and is often regarded as a holy stone. It is a powerful manifestation stone as well as for meditation. It stimulates the desire for knowledge, truth and understanding, As a stone of truth, Lapis encourages honesty of the spirit,

Buddhists use Lapis as a stone to bring inner peace and freedom from negative thought.

Use this mala to Speak Your Truth.

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How to care for and cleanse your mala.

Posted on February 04, 2015 by Mel Cordony

Our authentic rudraksha bead malas have been known to last for generations, with this in mind you may like to consider a gentle clean or cleanse every once in a while. These are energetically powerful pieces and often take on the energy of the wearer and for this reason we don’t recommend lending your mala to anyone else to wear. If you would like give your mala a gentle clean, please don’t use any harsh chemicals or cleaning products on your malas. Simply use some warm water and a mild soap or gentle shampoo and a gentle brush. ( A soft toothbrush works perfectly!) Once clean just hang them up to dry before wearing them again. The tassels can sometimes show a bit of wear and tear over time so again just dip the tassell in some warm water with a mild shampoo or soap, gently clean and rinse then gently comb the tassels and lay flat to dry. You can also give the tassels a little trim if the ends become uneven. Rudraksha seeds will naturally darken over time with the oils from your skin. You can also oil the beads with a coconut or sandalwood oil. A special cleanse is also nice to do every once in a while. For a natural cleanse and re-charge simply lay your mala out in the moonlight overnight. With a little love and care you should have your beautiful malas for many years to come. Enjoy!

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Share the Love

Posted on July 19, 2013 by Mel Cordony


We have just returned from an amazing adventure to Thailand. We were lucky enough to visit some incredible Buddhist temples, we toured the Grand Palace in Bangkok and had an amazing blessing ceremony performed by a Buddhist monk in Chiang Mai. We made offerings whenever we saw a temple and were just incredibly grateful to have had such an amazing trip with beautiful friends.

Of course we wore our Mala’s wherever we went. It was on our visit to the Grand Palace in Bangkok we met a beautiful Thai tour guide called Jintra. Jintra took us on a fantastic tour of the Palace and really  made the day such a special experience. During our tour she was really taken with both the Mala’s we were wearing. I had my Divine Goddess Mala on and Megan had her Exotic Journey Mala on. Jintra was Buddhist so knew the story of the rudraksha beads and how they bring peace of mind and she was really drawn to them. She kept touching them and especially loved the Amethyst in my Divine Goddess Mala. As we always say, there is always one mala that you will be drawn too! For Jintra it was the Divine Goddess, and I have to say, having spent the day with her, we really felt this mala was absolutely perfect for her. So when we were leaving we left her with my Divine Goddess mala as a gift. She was so overwhelmed and touched it just made the experience all the more special for us. We love our mala’s so much and try not to leave the house without at least one on, so  it was lovely to be able to share the love with Jintra who I think will love her new mala as much as we do.


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