What are your Rudraksha mala’s made from?

Rudraksha beads are very rare and precious. They are actually seeds that grow on the inside of what looks like a blueberry. Spiritually they have been worn and used for meditation by Hindu’s and Buddhists for many centuries. They are considered to be very holy and healing in their effect on the wearer.  They bless one with peace of mind, protect against evil spirits and protect the wearer against an early or untimely death. It is believed if wearing the mala upon dying one is released from the karmic cycle of birth and death. They are grown in the wild in sustainable plantations found in the Himalayas, Nepal, Malaysia and South East Asia.

What does rudraksha mean?

The name rudraksha pronounced “Rud-ruck-sha” stems from Hindu mythology and means ‘the eye’s of Shiva.” It is widely believed that the god meditated on the welfare of mankind, and emerged crying tears of compassion. The tears upon hitting the earth crystallized to form these trees.

What are the healing qualities of rudraksha beads?

Medicinally they are known to heal mind and body ailments, reduce heart disease, lower blood pressure and increase energy and stamina. They are also believed to calm the central nervous system, quiet the mind, and free negative thoughts.
It has to be said that there is an unexplainable positive powerful force manifested in rudraksha to which there is no scientific gauge. Buddha wore rudraksha beads, along with the Dalai Lama, Gandhi and many enlightened Indian Yogi’s. Today rudraksha are sought after around the world. Everyone will benefit from wearing these sacred beads irrespective of religion.

What is the significance of having 108 beads in my mala?

All of Aum Rudraksha malas are made to specific spiritual numbers. The number 108 is significant for many reasons. Some associate the possibility of enlightenment with only taking 108 breaths a day while in deep meditation, it is  also connected to the heart chakra, it is  said to have 108 energy lines leading to it, one of which is believed to be the path to self realization. There are also believed to be 108 forms of the God Shiva.

How should I care for my rudraksha mala?

Rudraksha beads are sacred and need to be treated with respect and care. We suggest you wash them every once in a while to remove dirt and dust, and to oil them with coconut or sandalwood oil for preservation. Due to your natural body oil, they will turn darker with wear, which gives them a much loved and lived in look. 

Will my rudraksha jewellery look exactly  the same as on the website?

Each piece of jewellery is hand made, with love and care, using hand-picked rudraksha beads and gemstones based on their healing energies. Each gemstone is unique and may vary in colour, size  and pattern. However every effort is made to ensure your mala is as close as possible to the photo’s on the website.

Will the Rudraksha mala cure my health problems?

While many believe in the healing qualities of rudraksha beads, as well as the benefits from certain gemstones, Gypsy Love and Aum Rudraksha Designs does not intend for these products to treat, cure or prevent any disease. Health conditions are the sole responsibility of the wearer. Please consult your own doctor  regarding the treatment of any medical condition. This information is not a replacement for a  consultation and examination from a licensed health professional.

What if you are out of stock of an item I wish to purchase?

If you find we are out of stock of an item that you wish to purchase please contact us on info@gypsylove.com.au as we have deliveries of new stock on a regular basis and can advise you of the next delivery time.

Can I return my mala for a refund or exchange?

If for any reason you are unhappy with your mala , please contact us as soon as possible as we are happy to accept returns within 7 days as long as the mala is unworn with tags attached and in its original condition.
Rudraksha jewellery that has been worn, including both bracelets and malas, cannot be returned as they carry very specific energetic qualities that should be unique for just 1 person.


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