How To Choose Your Mala

How to choose your perfect mala.
We want you to find the perfect mala for you. The one that is destined to be yours.
Often the simplest way is usually the best. There will usually  be 1 mala that you are first drawn too. Whether it’s the colours, the crystals, the name  or the energy of that piece. This is usually the perfect mala for you. The one that was meant for you. 
If you need a little more guidance.
The rudraksha mala beads are also combined with the healing power of crystals and gemstones that each have their own energy and intention. There are crystals for love, luck, focus, strength, peace, calm, spirituality, grounding, protection and so much more.  You can also choose a mala based on your current yoga or meditation practice.
The most important thing when choosing your mala is just to follow your heart and your intuition, this will always lead you to the perfect mala for you.