BaliPura Protection Healing Mist

About the Spray

Crystals:   Citrine,  Black Tourmaline,  Smokey Quartz,  Tiger’s Eye  &  Clear Quartz.

Unique blend of Organic Essential Oils which includes Lemongrass (Cymbopogon Flexuosus) and Lavender (Lavandula Hybrid var. Grosso).   Bach Flowers.

Have you ever felt uncomfortable in a certain situation or place? Maybe near certain people?
Do you ever feel you wish you were stronger in certain circumstances and also you wish certain things and other peoples’ comments would not affect you in the way they do? Or that you could have said the right thing to defend yourself and you just didn’t, making you feel overwhelmed?

This Auric Spray helps you clean, transmute negative vibrations and strengthen your energy field, making it vibrate at a higher and more stable frequency so that denser vibrations dissolve, thus acting as a shield to other peoples negative projections. Where there is a more defined boundary between you and the rest and better definition of spaces.

For your aura to be protected the lower chakras should be strong, this allows to release tension and to transmute negative energies.

Tourmaline, in this case Black,  usually used as a talisman for protection, good in grounding and releasing.
Tiger’s Eye is used for transmuting energy and stability. It exudes authority, control, leadership, success, and influence.
Natural Citrine good in good cleansing and elevating the energy field vibration.
Clear Quartz is good at strengthening the aura and aligning chakras, so it’s a good integrator.


How to apply

Shake the bottle before each use. Spray several times above your head and allow the mist to fall around you.
Take a few seconds to breath it in.
Use a couple of times a day for an effective treatment.
Can be used over a period of time to support a deeper transformation.

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Type: Auric Spray

Vendor: BaliPure

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