Inner Peace Bracelet

This bracelet is the most gorgeous combination of gemstones including Crystal quartz, Rose quartz, Rhodocrosite, Aquamarine and Chalsedony. Crystal Quartz will increase spiritual wisdom, insight and clarity of thought. Rose Quartz is the stone of love, it opens the heart and enhances creativity. Rhodocrosite encourages a positive cheerful attitude towards life and is a stone of love and passion. Aquamarine brings great peace and serenity and is the perfect stone for deep meditations. Chalsedony is a powerful cleanser, and increases physical energy.

"Peace may sound simple - one beautiful word- but it requires everything we have, every quality, every strength, every dream, every high ideal." - Yehudi Menuhi


Category: Mamma Bracelet, Mamma Mala

Type: Bracelet

Vendor: Aum Reducha

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